Hi. Thanks for commenting (and actually reading t…

Hi. Thanks for commenting (and actually reading the reviews!)

I just wanted to say that the reviews are positive this week because the reviewers happened to like the shows that they saw. I'm sure that that won't always be the case, but I don't think it's accurate to say that there is no critique. Each of these reviewers give specific examples of what they liked, and they comment on how those elements fit into the overall vision behind the show (as they understood it). If they were just lavishing praise without providing examples, I would agree with you that that's not a very useful critique, but criticism can be serious without being negative. We asked the reviewers to give their honest opinion - good or bad - and they did.

You're more than welcome, by the way, to use the comments to add your own thoughts about a show if you've seen it.

- Holly (Teen Tix Program Manager)
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