I appreciate this review for the honest opinion. U…

I appreciate this review for the honest opinion. Understandably, certain shows may not appeal to everyone, however, I wanted to offer a different perspective on a point that was made.

SCT's audience is definitely young, but the organization is driven to bring thought-provoking and sophisticated theatre to these young audiences, despite the complex and sometimes taboo nature of the message.

By opening the minds of young people to different cultures, ideas and problems around them, theatre becomes one of the strongest art forms because it forces the viewer to think and feel about a subject perhaps unbeknown to them. The current version of Robin Hood at SCT touches on some socioeconomic issues that are a very real concern in our community.

Sometimes theatre is about complex interests, but that's part of the education that SCT strives to bring to the stage.

I'd be interested to hear other opinions, and how theatre has opened doors or provoked a viewpoint in you.

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