I Was a Teenage Video Game Zombie

Last Sunday night Teen Tix members had a chance to enter the frightening suburbian zombie gaming underworld (via the frightening urban underworld of fringe theatre) at Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom at Washington Ensemble Theatre. Teen Tix members attended a pre-show costume demo with N3 Costume Designer Pete Rush, and a post-show Q&A with the cast and crew. WET is known for producing edgy, challenging, visually arresting theatre at their teensy tiny space (The Little Theatre) on Capitol Hill. Teen Tixer Stefania H. was there and tells us that Neighborhood 3 is no exception:

"Neighborhood 3 was a thought provoking, entertaining, and spooky show that was thoroughly enjoyable. The clash of the video game world and reality was fun especially for a teen who likes video games, but was performed in a way that left a great deal of thought for the audience which made this show especially appropriate for the talk back after the show. It was also really neat to see how some of the costumes were put together and all of the thought and time put into costume designing. It was a great learning experience and definitely interesting. The WET did an awesome job with this show. It's a show to see and will be especially interesting to teens!"
Neighborhood 3 Costume Demo
Neighborhood 3 Costume Designer Pete Rush ropes a Teen Tix volunteer into trying on the video game zombie suit. Sweeeeet.

Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom
Washington Ensemble Theatre
Through October 26th
For more info, visit the N3 facebook.
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