It’s QTET time!

From our friends at Washington Ensemble Theater:

Queer Teen Ensemble Theater, or QTET, is about to start it's 4th production! Founded in 2007, QTET is a city-wide summer theatre workshop that provides a creative outlet for queer teens and their friends to express who they are and where they come from. We bring together youth aged 13 - 19 to create a script from original writing, generative movement, and storytelling techniques developed through workshops with ensemble members and quest artists. The result is a fully produced show that runs during Pride weekend.

Applications are open now at

The program begins May 23rd and goes through June 26th. If you know a queer youth, parent, teacher or leader who might know students who would be interested, please help us spread the word. There is no cost to participants and we help students with limited or complicated schedules find a way to be a part of the program. No theater experience is necessary.

If you have any questions please email

Below are some responses to the program from past participants!

"I am becoming a butterfly. But right now is the crusty chrysalis. The caterpillar that scuttles gave me wings. I want to understand the power of these new wings. The power I have envied for so long. Stained glass strength bursting forth from my spine.” from the QTET 2010 production Breaking Character

“It had been a long time since I had done any theater. I wasn't even planning to have a very large role in the show~ maybe just a few lines. I'm glad that I chose to participate fully in this production. I was slow to open up at first, but I enjoyed every aspect of the process.” QTET 2010 Alumni

“Before starting QTET, I was thinking about working in a hospital. I wasn't seriously thinking about acting or composing professionally, and I didn't see any inroads for me to get there. Now I'm about to take a class at Evergreen called "Teaching Through Performance: American Radical History". . . QTET gave me experience and confidence to help me get there.” QTET 2010 Alumni

“I knew my child would be participating and performing in a play but didn't realize how much she would participate in the writing and forming of the presentation. I was amazed at the final production and saw my child perform at a level much higher than she had in any previous theatre experience.” Parent of QTET participant

“QTET allowed her to feel at home and meet supportive adults doing something she loves, she was so excited to come back her Junior year.” Parent of QTET participant

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