Jason Johnson of The Vera Project, Dogbreth, and More!

Interview with musician and Vera Project Talent Buyer & Production Coordinator Jason Johnson.

Written by Pearl Lomonaco, during TeenTix’s Beyond the Review Press Corps Intensive.

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Jason Johnson, is local a punk musician, in three bands: Dogbreth, Itemfinder and The Exquisites. Their music makes you feel as if you’re at a rock concert. It's very real with live instruments; you can really feel the melody. It’s violently emotive. Each song has its own story, whether it’s about love or just wanting to hang out with friends and watch anime.

When did you start playing music? And why?

I started when I was fifteen. My grandpa had a guitar that he didn't play, so he gave it to me. I taught myself how to play, and I still have it. It's not the best guitar. It still has the memories, but I’m looking for someone to give it to. Pass it on to the next generation.

Who is your music for, what kind of audience are you playing for?

I wouldn't say we have one. We write song about what we like and what make us happy. We just try to have fun. I’m in three different bands: I’m in Dogbreth, Itemfinder, and The Exquisites. As a songwriter, I write a lot of guitar. We all collaborate on the lyrics. The most important thing I shoot for is, “Do I like what I play?” If we get in front of an audience and play it, am I going to be proud of the art that I made? I do like making music for all ages. People of color and Queer people are the people I want to reach out for.

What kind of bands are you listening to right now? What's your favorite?

There is a band from Portland, called Alien Boy, that I have known for a long time because the town I grew up in was very close to Portland. If I ever wanted to go see a show, most of the time it would be in Portland. They used to be in the band called, Our First Brains. They were my favorite. Now Alien Boy is my favorite. I listen to a lot of really old power pop. Man, it's hard to pick a favorite, because if you ask me tomorrow I'd probably say something totally different! I mean, most of my job is looking for something different. New music! Speaking of which, at the end of the month Dogbreth and Alien Boy are doing a week long trip to Portland, Olympia, Tacoma, and Bellingham.

Johnson is as passionate as his music, and I can't wait to see where he goes with his bands and as a musician.

Lead photo by Ryan Kluge.

This article was written as part of the Beyond the Review Press Corps Intensive.

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