July 23: Harry & the Potters (PLUS GUESTS!) @ Neumos

'Wizard Rock the Vote' by Harry and the Potters

Hey guys, its that time of year again. Every July in Seattle, when the Harry Potter junkies come out from under the stairs in their red and gold striped scarfs, you'll know Harry and the Potters (or 'HATP') have arrived in the Emerald City. In past years, they've had free shows at local libraries to promote summer reading and summer rocking. Kids from age 5 to 35 are seen in their Hogwarts house's garb, accompanied by their muggle friends & family rocking out to Potter-themed ditties. However, this year they're touring on the Unlimited Enthusiasm Expo (aka "Camp Jump and Yell for Boys and Girls and Wizards) with fellow nerd-rockers Math the Band and Uncle Monsterface.

They'll be at Neumos on the 23rd, and its not-so-free. They charge $12 at the door for general admission, and all ages are welcomed to come (although not recommended for those especially little wizards and witches). Doors open at 7pm and the show is likely to sell out. Fully worth the $12.

Sorry kids, but I'm afraid this is full price for everybody.
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