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"For me, TeenTix was the door to art."

The first time Alyssa used her TeenTix pass, she was nervous.
She and her friend felt “awkward and out of place,” and were petrified as they approached the ticket booth, TeenTix passes in hand. But the transaction was miraculously smooth.

“Walking away from the ticket booth with two symphony tickets in our hands, my friend and I were in disbelief that TeenTix actually worked. Did we really just score seventy-dollar Seattle Symphony tickets for just five bucks? Our disbelief grew wider when we stepped into the grand performance hall, our eyes jumping from the rows upon rows of velvet seats to the warmly-lit organ at the back of the stage, and the balconies stacked on the walls. We found our seats, and looked at each other with expressions of disbelief until the music began to flood our ears.”

Every year since 2004, thousands of Seattle area teens have had eye-opening arts experiences just like Alyssa’s – thanks to TeenTix. We partner with Seattle area arts organizations to make it possible for teenagers to buy $5 tickets to high-quality, professional arts programming that they would otherwise not have access to. Of that first experience at Seattle Symphony, Alyssa continues, “They performed the pieces so perfectly that I was almost fooled into believing I was in a Hollywood movie. It was difficult for me to even comprehend that the wonderful sounds created before me were real, and live.”

The experience of attending the arts—of seeing paintings created by masters, theatre performed by heavy weights, music played by virtuosos—can be profound. It can be life-changing. It was for Alyssa.

“Constantly attending performances, and realizing my love of the fine arts, has changed the entire path of my career.” When she arrived at the University of Washington, Alyssa “flooded” herself with pre-engineering courses. But she felt constrained. “There was nowhere for me to express my creative problem solving abilities.” So, she shifted her focus to Informatics: Human Computer Interaction, which marries design and programming. Seeing shows through TeenTix “gave me the push I needed to realize what I truly want my career path to be,” says Alyssa. “TeenTix has served as my golden ticket to a reservoir of endless inspiration and discovery.

The inspiration Alyssa has accessed through TeenTix doesn’t end with her. The arts have become the place where she and her friends spend time together. And, through TeenTix’s 2 for $10 “companion” ticket program, Alyssa was able to expose her younger brother to painting, sculpture, tribal art, theater, ballet, and music, all before the age of ten.

Alyssa’s story is just one of thousands. Since 2004, TeenTix has brokered almost 32,000 incredibly affordable tickets to the arts for Seattle-area teens.

If TeenTix has ever opened the door to an experience that you couldn’t have had otherwise, please share this with your family and decide together to donate to TeenTix. We want to continue making the arts accessible to young people for years and years to come, but we can’t do it without you. We need to raise $6,000 before the end of the year. A gift of $10, $20, or $50 would make a big difference please give today!

Thank you.

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