March Events Open Doorways to the Seattle Arts Scene

Teen Editorial Staff March 2023 Editorial

Written by Teen Editorial Staff Members Aamina Mughal and Esha Potharaju

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This month on the TeenTix blog, we’re featuring events that force viewers to reject surface level understanding of life. These arts events venture underground, focusing on stories that have previously been untold, underrepresented, or underappreciated.

SIFF starts off on March 1st with the 2002 film Whale Rider, the story of a Mayori girl battling against stereotypes with the hopes to one day become chief. Similarly, Seattle Public Theater delves into stereotypes and their harm through the musical 110 in the Shade. The source material of the show was written in the 1950s and centers the theme of uncovering, as the main character Lizzie uncovers her own personal truths.

Hidden Worlds, a film exhibition at the Museum of Pop Culture, takes the idea of showing what’s below the surface literally. The film displays, artifacts, and interactives take the viewer through the genius behind LAIKA studios, the creators of movies such as Coraline. Conversely, Grand Cinema uses this theme in a different way as Ikiru follows the story of a man looking to find meaning in his last days of life.

A classic example of uncovering the hidden truth is the beloved whodunnit! Fortunately for any mystery lovers, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd is showing at the Book-It Repertory Theater. In this play, the unexpected murders of individuals from a quant countryside village in the 1930s sparks a detective to come out of retirement. King Abbot was a seemingly peaceful village but much lurks in the shadows.

This month the Museum of History and Industry is working to tell untold stories. From the Ground Up: Black Architects and Designers dives into the rich history of Black architects and their often unacknowledged contributions to the field. Though the exhibit was conceived at the Museum of Industry and Science in Chicago, MOHAI will work to feature the history of Seattle as well.

Art in its truest form is a light that illuminates truth in the human experience. This collection of events, though varied and diverse, all exemplify this mission. As individuals, it is important that we all look below the surface of the realities that are spoon-fed to us. Enjoy your time underground!

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