Meet ALL-CAMP: Connecting you to local music, art, and people.

ALL-CAMP is a community dedicated to building creative and supportive live music and arts experiences for all ages. Launching just this year, ALL-CAMP has already helped produce a Teen Night with TeenTix, and has another upcoming event that will introduce you to new people and music.

Opportunity Alert: ALL-CAMP is also looking for a group of people ages 13-20 to work with them to make the experiences described above happen. If you're a passionate teen with some big ideas and a desire to get involved with Seattle's art and music scene, you can fill out the application. Below, check out what's next for ALL-CAMP!

Abbey Arts & ALL-CAMP present Honcho Poncho
March 16th @ 7:30 PM
The Auditorium at University Heights Center

Check out this show at a new Seattle venue (in an old 1902 school):​ ​The evening's indie/alt-rock lineup includes Honcho Poncho, made up of four Seattle natives, Genders​ from Portland,​ and Seattle DIY band, Big Buddy​, performing at The Auditorium in the UHeights building in U-District. Portland Mercury calls Genders' sound "expansive rock that's cozier than your favorite sweater". Basically, this show's got everything: free parking/bus access, a new show space with chalkboard-covered walls, up-and-coming bands, and bar with ID​ plus concessions!

Listen Before You Go:
Honcho Poncho
Big Buddy

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