Meet Our New Friend Henry

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, teens of all ages, please join us in welcoming our newest Teen Tix participating organization: Henry Art Gallery.

Here's what Henry has to say about himself: "The Henry Art Gallery seeks to engage diverse audiences in the powerful experience of artistic invention and serves as a catalyst for the creation of new work that inspires and challenges."

Here's what we say: The Henry is where you'll go to see the wonderful, weird, beautiful, ugly, friendly, aggressive, pointless, penetrating, contemporary work that you've been hoping was out there somewhere in the world. It is. Right here in your world. Also AMAZING workshops, lectures, and events where you can actually, like, make art, meet artists, and hang out with other people who love art like you love art.

Here's the deal: The Henry is ALREADY FREE for high school and college students. How did you not know that? Oh, you did. Okay, well...good. So, here's what we got for ya: with your Teen Tix pass you can get in free all of the time, and you can take someone else along (your cool grandma, perhaps?) and get them in for $5.00 ALL DAY on Thursdays AND Fridays! To recap: You=Free, Your (non-teen) Guest=$5.00. Hooray!

Here's some more:

Henry Art Gallery
Located on the West edge of the University of Washington campus, at 15th NE & NE 41st
helpful map!
11 - 9 Thursday & Friday
11 - 4 Saturday & Sunday
Closed Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday

We love you Henry! Totes BFF 4EVA!
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