Meet Your Steering Committee : : Alex H.

Name: Alex Hayes-Lundry
Age: 18
School: Seattle Central CC
Favorite Teen Tix experience (so far): The ballet in general. I love it. Really any play of any sort.
One Teen Tix venue that you wish more people knew about: I just wish more people checked what was out there in general
Bio: Life is too short to be cautious, but too long to be stupid

Which foreign language do you most want to learn? I am curently learning American Sign Language but it is not foreign so maybe French
What is your perfect Saturday? Hanging with friends in Seattle all day
Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? Naw those never work
What is one thing you must do before you die? Live another day


College Right Away or Gap Year - I went to college right away
Coffee or Tea - depends on mood tea every morning (though, English background: we love our tea)
Poetry or Prose meh whatever works
Facebook or Not Facebook - Facebook and Myspace
Car or Bus - Bus - I love you 255
Early Bird or Night Owl - both
NO Jeggings or Pajama Jeans? I'm not sure what these are but if they are anything like jeggings again with the NO. i'm a Jeans Jeans type of person - go levis
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