Meet Your Steering Committee : : Bea M.

Name: Bea M.
Age: 16
School: Roosevelt High School

Favorite Teen Tix experience (so far): Speech & Debate [at Seattle Rep]
One Teen Tix venue that you wish more people knew about: YATC [the Young Americans' Theatre Company]

Which foreign language do you most want to learn? I want to learn one language by heart
What is your perfect Saturday? Sleep in late, get up, go to dance class downtown, go to my favorite cafe with my best friend, then go to a show that evening
Do you have any New Year's resolutions? No, I don't have that much faith in myself
What is one thing you must do before you die? Walk 40 blocks in New York City


Coffee or Tea - can't live without my morning cup o' joe
English or Bio
Poetry or Prose
Facebook or Not Facebook - As much as I'd like to answer the other one...
Car or Bus
Early Bird or Night Owl - chronic night owl
Jeggings or Pajama Jeans

The Teen Tix Steering Committee is a group of young, committed arts leaders who help guide and shape the Teen Tix program. We'll be introducing you to one member of your Steering Committee every few days here on the blog. Interested in joining the Steering Committee? More info can be found here.

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