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About the DJ: Hailing from Queen Anne, but truly belonging on Capitol Hill, you can find me having my nightly Game of Thrones marathon, or jumping up and down in my room to ear-bleedingly loud music, while I avoid practicing my viola by pretending I can play the guitar. Everyone I admire is either dead or a high school drop out, but I don’t plan on becoming either anytime soon. I love people, and if you have a story to tell, I have the ears to listen.

1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Fresh off my 16th birthday, I had the aaaabsolute pleasure of attending a midnight revival of 1970s cult classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show with my best friend at the Egyptian Theatre on Capitol Hill. At a true showing of this film, your average movie going props like popcorn, Red Vines, and soda pop are replaced with fishnets, sequins, toast, squirt guns, and a lot of shouting. Before becoming a film, the show was originally an off-Broadway production, written by Richard O’Brien as a rebellion, after he had been fired from the set of Jesus Christ Superstar. It became the longest running theatrical release in movie history. Starring Tim Curry as saucy drag queen Dr. Frank-N-Furter and Susan Sarandon as the fretful-gone-freaky Janet Weiss, there’s a reason we keep coming back over and over to do the time warp again.

2. Seattle Rock Orchestra
Want a knock-you-off your-feet concert? Want fresh and local? I give you: The Seattle Rock Orchestra. Take rock and roll favorites from Michael Jackson to Bjork to Pink Floyd, and add a full string orchestra on stage to go along with the classic electric guitar, and drums. As a viola player, I’ve been so incredibly lucky to take part in a summer intensive hosted by the Seattle Rock Orchestra for the past two years. The people involved with SRO are truly some of the most amazing musicians, and I can only say the best about them.

3. Knitting
Among my friends, I have been aptly named the “teenage grandmother” because of the knitting needles and yarn I carry with me to classes and social events alike. Knitting is just such a fun way to be creative and to create something useful out of just two sticks and string! It’s by no means a cheap hobby, but it can be profitable. I run an Etsy shop called beardedladybaubles, and it’s a fun way to make a little side cash. I design all my own knitted pieces and have made everything from scarves to fingerless gloves to headbands! So, the next time you’re settling down for the night to binge-watch Netflix, I strongly recommend picking up a pair of needles and a nice skein.

4. David Cross
Warning: This guy is explicit, highly opinionated, and pee your pants hilarious. I discovered David Cross while watching the show Arrested Development. On it, he plays an exaggeratedly gay analysist + therapist = analrapist, who becomes determined to pursue an acting career. He was also featured in movies like She’s The Man, and the 2007 remake of Alvin and the Chipmunks. But by far, my favorite David Cross role is himself. I’m a big fan of stand-up comedy, and frequently listen to comics on Pandora from Louis CK to Ellen Degeneres, but David Cross’ sets take the cake. His clever quips against politicians, love/hate relationship with the South, and general distaste for anything nonsensical will have you buckled over and gasping for air. This guy knows how to hate on stuff without being overly hurtful.

5. Rolling Stone magazine
It’s the highlight of my month when this shows up on the doorstep. Filled with everything I care about and literary genius, Rolling Stone magazine is the perfect publication to make me disappear into my happy place for a few hours. Someday I would love to write for them, as I appreciate and identify the bold and brazen voice of their articles. Often their articles are written by artists or people directly from the media being written about, making it stand out from other publications that feature trained but removed journalists.

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