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​Fashion Tips and Reading Recommendations from TeenTix Press Corps Writer Hattie S.

About the DJ: I love architecture, painting, and interior design. When I’m bored, I redecorate my bedroom. Music is my savior, and I’m probably going to be deaf by the time I’m 30 due to the fact that I’m almost never seen without earbuds in. I read a lot, like math, and really enjoy fashion. Obsessions include but are not limited to: Harry Potter, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Death Cab for Cutie, Gossip Girl, Banksy, San Francisco, and Red Band Society.

1. Klad Apparel
I found this independent designer while wasting time online, and I love what they have to offer! All neutral and earthy tones, they use these colors without letting it hold them back. I am in love with their Fall 2014 collection, especially the way their billowy ensembles are precariously held together with tight belts and ties.

2.Brandi Carlile
As my long-time favorite singer/musician/songwriter, Brandi Carlile is amazing and somehow manages to pack unreal amounts of emotion into her songs. She is also a great guitarist. I love her music. She has a ton of albums out, and they are all beautiful. Her songs are really soulful, and they convey her suffering (or at least her suffering as hypothesized by me when listening to her music.). Originally hailing from Seattle, she is coming back this month and will be performing at Benaroya Hall on November 28, 29, and 30.

3. Midi skirts
For some reason, my small obsession this fall is midi skirts! I never really liked them before, but I love how they can be styled for a really whimsical and stylish vibe. They can be made from so many different materials, offering many different levels of formality. For example, you can have a skirt made of a more thin, fluttery material, pair it with a cute graphic t-shirt and a floppy hat, and have a summery, casual ensemble. Or you can have a skirt made out of a thick material with a bold pattern, tuck in a stylish blouse, add some heels, and be ready for the most formal of get-togethers. The possibilities really are endless with midi skirts!

4. The Night Circus
Finally, my (current) favorite book of all time: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I will never tire of this book. It is perfect, beautiful, and makes me wish I lived in the world of the night circus, or its proper name, Le Cirque des Rêves. This is an amazing story of two magicians who are pitted against each other in a contest that only their instructors know the extent of. I cannot express how much I love this book. If you enjoy reading — or even if you don’t — you absolutely need to read The Night Circus. You’ll love it!

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