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​The Little Treasures of TeenTix Press Corps Writer Layne M.

About the DJ: My name is Layne, and I am an inhabitant of West Seattle by week and downtown by weekend. I live a hectic life full of unique adventures and wonderful experiences. I am a city girl so I am used to the hustling, bustling, ever-changing world that is life in general. Though I am usually on the move, there are some things that have stuck with me. I must say, I am very happy that they haven't even been whisked away by the swiftness of the crowds around me. Here are just a few of the little treasures that I hold very dear in the playlist of my life.

1. Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs by Marty Robbins
OK, typically I am not a country fan as I can't really take the boo-hooing of unrequited love. But Marty Robbins has revolutionized the way I look at it with his great story-telling prowess mixed with his “lone ranger” voice. I am simply entranced by Robbins and his stories. Only he can tell a story in a 4-minute song better than most people can in a whole novel.

2. Sherlock, Season 3
What's not to love about our favourite detective duo, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson? This television show’s portrayal of the classic characters has captured the hearts of not only Britain, but also the United States — including my own. Benedict Cumberbatch has not lost his touch, even after a two-year hiatus, for being the emotionless know-it-all we all love. And Martin Freeman is certainly just as wonderful as Dr. Watson (after the shave that is). Their acting never misses the mark by an inch, and they are the reason I have picked up my old hardback of Sherlock Holmes stories once more.

3. Moto boots and skinny jeans
I was, once a upon a time, a girl who couldn't stand the thought of having skinny jeans that clung to me. On top of that, I couldn't imagine wearing anything but my oh-so versatile white Adidas shoes with every outfit. That girl certainly wouldn't recognize her current self. Now I can't get enough of the look of light and dark mixed skinny jeans tucked into ankle booties. Walking the streets of Seattle, I can't help but feel stylish in my comfy motorcycle chic look.

4. Camille Saint-Saëns
As finals were last week, you can imagine how stressful it was. Buried under piles of papers to study and assignments to finish, the only salvation I found was in the music of Camille Saint-Saëns, particularly The Carnival of the Animals. With oddly calming but, conversely enough, energizing music, I could feel focus break through my pulsating headache. I went on to accomplish a great deal of studying and felt satisfied with my accomplishment. I highly recommend playing this quietly in the background while working.

5. Flower arrangers of Pike Place Market
As I walk through Pike Place Market, my eye is drawn to all the stands filled with odd commodities, handmade mementos, and every tourist’s favourite knickknacks. Near the center of the market, I stop to take a look at the flowers and find myself at peace in the center of the hive of people. The color combinations reflect the season, and the variety of flowers leaves me wondering more about their origins. Every aspect of each little bundle was decided by one of the talented arrangers behind the tables. They've inspired me to really take a closer look upon my weekly visit and to appreciate the complex art of making simple beauty.

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