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​TeenTix Press Corps Writer Pippa M.'s Top Hits

1. Florence + the Machine
Florence + the Machine is an English alternative pop band with lead singer Florence Welch and a combination of other musicians. Although they’re known for “Dog Days Are Over,” my favorite songs are “Cosmic Love” off the album Lungs and “No Light, No Light” off of Ceremonials. Florence’s earthy voice combined with the beautiful instruments create an otherworldly experience you will want to have again and again.

2. Elly Mackay
Elly Mackay is a Canadian artist based in Ontario who, in her own words, makes “scenes using paper, light and photography.” The process is just as interesting as the art; Mackay first creates little dioramas and then photographs them to create the prints she sells. Her work focuses on the theme of childhood and has a sense of nostalgia and exploration, which is conveyed through the dreamy, pastel colors and wistful characters. She sells her prints on Etsy (I have four so far!) so look her up and check out her website as well.

3. Tennessee Williams
This year in my English class I had to read Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire. I had heard of the play, but knew nothing about it prior to this year. Going into it I approached Streetcar as you would any other book assigned in an English class, but partway through I found that I was captivated by Williams’ ability to portray human nature in such a raw, understandable way. Since then, I have devoured three other plays by Tennessee Williams (The Glass Menagerie, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and Summer and Smoke) with plans to read more!

4. Evgenia Obraztsova
If you don’t already know Evgenia Obraztsova, you are missing out! Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Obraztsova is a principal dancer with the Bolshoi Ballet. I first discovered her after watching the 2009 documentary Ballerina and instantly became entranced with her graceful technique, phenomenal artistry, and obvious passion for ballet. Obraztsova is a true gem in the ballet world; she has an incredible way of conveying emotion through her dancing and is such a genuine performer. My dream is to one day see her perform live, but for now I can settle with YouTube videos!

5. Blogilates
Blogilates is a website created by Cassey Ho filled with Pilates workout videos, healthy recipes, and everything else you need for fitness motivation! Ho’s videos target all parts of the body and make it easy to exercise anywhere. Plus, her bubbly personality and encouraging attitude make Pilates that much more enjoyable. Follow her monthly calendars or pick and choose videos - either way, you will definitely have fun and experience amazing results.

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