Ori R.’s Snow Falling On Cedars Review

Differences can bring problems, but can also bring love. Snow Falling on Cedars tells such a tale, filled with intrigue, romance, and history. The story of the Japanese Internment is told as a flashback during a trial, while a romance weaves its way through the years. The story takes place mainly in Washington State, helping the audience realize that the Internment was not actually so far from home as they might imagine. This play is the best rendition of the Japanese internment I have seen yet, and I recommend it to any high-school age student, or young adult in the city. Most everyone has learned of the plight of the Japanese Americans during World War II, but this play hits it home like no other. Touching on issues of prejudice, young love, and even murder, this play is a must-see for any Seattleite!

The actors in this play were phenomenal. Jonah von Spreecken plays a young white boy who falls in love with a Japanese girl played by Mona Leach. Both actors must play two roles apiece (Child and adult), and they make the transition both instantly, and convincingly. My personal favorite actor was Eddie Levi Lee, who played the attorney of the accused. Overall, the play was fantastic, the acting was strong, and the message was close to home. I highly recommend this play, and I hope that you will see it at the Book-It Rep this month!

Ori R., age 17

Snow Falling on Cedars
Book-It Repertory Theatre
September 18 – October 14

More info and show times: www.book-it.org
Book-It’s Ticket Office: 206-216-0833
Ticket Office Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 1 p.m. – show time

Book-It Repertory Theatre is located in the Center House Theatre at Seattle Center. It is served by buses 3,4,5,8,16,19,24,74 and 82. For bus times: triplanner.metrokc.gov

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