Personally i thoroughly enjoyed the comment about ...

Personally i thoroughly enjoyed the comment about crayola tattoos, after walking backstage and thinking exactly the same thing. It was apparently supposed to be a guitar. As for the flaming debate currently raging, Rent may have not been the best show i have ever worked on, but it was a pretty damn decent show. If you had seen those poor actors their first day on the set you would be incredibly surprised how far they had come by the time opening night swung around. It is incredibly low to bitch about this show because you think you could have done better. Just take the show for what it was. I'm not gonna lie, there were times when we thought that the best way to fix some actors voices was to lead then into a corner and quietly dispose of them. Please, keep in mind how little rehearsal time these actors were given, and what they managed to pull off despite of it. It was not Anthony Rapp and Adam Paschal, but it was pretty damn decent.
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