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Ching Chong Chinaman @ SiS Productions

"Great laughs...unexpectedly moving" - Examiner.com

Meet the Wong family: as all-American as apple pie. Ed likes to play golf, Grace wants another child, Desdemona is desperate to get into Princeton, and Upton is working towards gaming superstardom. When Upton gets an indentured Chinese servant to help him with his homework, life in the Wong household takes an interesting turn . . . Flipping every cliché about Asian American identity upside down, this award-winning play by Lauren Yee is an "exhilarating send-up" of the American dream.

Watch the preview video for Ching Chong Chinaman, in which cast member Kathy Hsieh points out "It..deals with 4th & 5th generation Asian Americans...and there's a sensibility about it that I think will really be important for 20-somethings, teenagers, and college students."

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Ching Chong Chinaman
Presented by SiS Productions at Richard Hugo House on Capitol Hill
March 16 - April 24
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SIS Productions is a production company that strives to create, develop and produce quality works that involve Asian American women, their themes, and Asian American issues. SIS Productions encourages opportunities and support for Asian American women to be involved in all aspects of the production of artistic endeavors.
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