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Review of The Space Between by Delaney M., age 16

I went to see The Space Between which is a mixture between a circus with acrobatics and contortion and contemporary dance. The Space Between was created by the Circa Ensemble and performed by David Carberry, Darcy Grant, and Chelsea McGuffin. The Space Between is a part of the Seattle International Nights, and is playing at the Bagley Wright Theatre.

The Space Between uses acrobatics, contortion, and dance to tell a story about the relationship between three people trapped in a love triangle. It tells the audience about having to choose between lovers, fighting over lovers and being dumped.

The Space Between uses lots of interesting lighting techniques such as spot lights, and projections the bulge and pulse (if you are photosensitive, this is probably not the right thing for you). The Space Between is set to a unique mix of classic French music by Jacques Brel, and modern rave-ish music by DJ Shadow. The set is very minimalist with only black floors and background with a black trapeze in one corner.

The performers worked amazingly well with each other. They had incredibly fluid moves that flowed from person to person across the stage. Each of the performers were highly skilled, Chelsea and Darcy are amazing acrobats and trapeze artists, while David is so flexible that he almost seems made out of play dough!

The Bagley Wright Theatre is a cool old theatre with good views from pretty much every seat. The downstairs was full, so I sat up top, and think I might have had a better view then some of the bottom dwellers. Everyone seemed upbeat and energized before the performance and afterwards there was a buzz of talking and a few … “can you believe that?” statements spread throughout the excited audience. The Space Between is part of the Seattle International Nights, which is a section of the Seattle Children’s festival that is geared towards adults and teens. I know that the word children’s tends to put off some teens, but all of the programs were scouted from around the world and were not necessarily originally intended for children. So if you want to seem some cool international acts, the Seattle Children’s Festival is the right place for you, no matter how old you are.

Delaney M.
May 16th, 2008

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