Presenting Our 2022 GiveBIG Superstars!

Give BIG 2022 Square for Socials

Our GiveBIG Superstars have consistently helped TeenTix by Giving BIG to Teen Artists and Leaders! This year's theme is Changemakers: Teens Driving Cultural Change. We'd like to take the time to honor our Superstars and thank everyone who is able to give this year on May 3-4. We appreciate YOU!

Introducing GiveBIG Superstar Kris Becker!

Image featuring Kris Becker, a 2022 GiveBIG Superstar!

How did you get involved with TeenTix?

I found TeenTix through the first-ever GiveBIG. I was running a GiveBIG campaign for the nonprofit where I was Executive Director, and the messaging and mission of TeenTix spoke to me and brought me joy.

What's a memorable TeenTix experience you've had?
  • Beautiful performances of poetry and music at the 2021 virtual gala

  • Intriguing and insightful arts reviews from the TeenTix Press Corps

  • Handmade Valentines from the TeenTix community. I still have one on my bulletin board that makes me smile whenever it catches my eye.

Why do you GiveBIG for TeenTix each year?

The new art and art criticism created by the TeenTix community is informative and inspiring to me. Access to the arts was an important piece of my childhood and young adult years, in the audience and on the stage, and I feel thankful to be able to "pay it forward" now.

What is a message you'd want to share with teens regarding the arts?

“Your creative voices and perspectives enrich my understanding of humanity and the world. Thank you, teen artists and advocates. Keep going - we need you!”

Introducing GiveBIG Superstar Andre Gougisha!

Image featuring Andre Gougisha, a 2022 GiveBIG Superstar!
Where are you from?

New Orleans, LA

What schools did you attend?

Cascade High School/Seattle University

Tell us what you're doing now.

I currently work as an intellectual property paralegal. When I'm not working, I'm riding my bike around the city, climbing in the North Cascades, or dreaming of ice climbing. I also occasionally volunteer with The Mountaineers as an instructor in their youth programs.

Why do you GiveBIG for TeenTix each year?

As a kid, I grew up accompanying my aunt to work at art galleries and theaters down in New Orleans. I recognize that not everyone has the same opportunity for arts engagement as I did. It's important to me to help promote youth arts access and foster the next generation of artists, patrons, and leaders.

Thank you again to all of our 2022 GiveBIG supporters!


Your TeenTix Family <3

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