Props and Costumes That Stand Out

Review of Romeo y Julieta presented by Seattle Shakespeare Company

Written by Avy Le during an Arts Criticism workshop at Glacier Middle School


In the play Romeo y Julieta I liked the costumes, music, and the plot, but I didn't like the language. The play Romeo y Julieta is about how two people from rival families fall in love and that love ends in a tragedy. I liked the costumes and props because they were unique. In the play I saw that they had masquerade masks. There was one that stood out to me; it was the bunny one that Julieta was holding. It was so pretty.

I didn't like the set because I couldn't tell what and where the play happened because of the 4 posters which threw me off. In the play I noticed that each poster had a different place.

I liked the Action and Plot. In the play I saw that the two families fought in the beginning, and that Julieta had an arranged marriage with Paris. But she ends up falling in love with Romeo from the Montagues. Romeo ends up getting banished because he kills Julieta's cousin. When Paris comes to marry Julieta, Julieta drinks poison that makes it seem like she's dead. When Romeo finds Julieta dead he kills Paris and then he unalives himself, Then a while later Julieta wakes up and finds Romeo dead and she unalives herself.

I didn’t like language because it was old English and Spanish which I couldn’t understand. Old English is already confusing and hard to understand. The Spanish was even harder to understand because I can’t speak Spanish. In the play Romeo & Julieta I liked the costumes, music, and plot, but I didn't like the language and set. Overall I thought Romeo & Julieta was ok because in the middle of it I got bored but there were some interesting parts where I was very interested.

Lead photo credit: Romeo y Julieta by Seattle Shakespeare Company. Photo by Christian Zumbado.

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This review was written as part of an Arts Criticism workshop at Glacier Middle School in Ms. Havran’s Language Arts classes, taught by Press Corps teaching artist Marquicia Dominguez and Jordi Montes

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