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​Review of Teen Night Out at Seattle Art Museum by Mobird

Teen Night Out

Teen Night Out is a fun, hands-on experience with the art at the Seattle Art Museum. The latest rendition, on May 2, involved a photobooth, painting, henna, a concert, a sugar bar, and a writing project.

I had fun taking pictures in the #SAMSelfie booth, including one I got for my significant other, Troy that involved a chalkboard and a fuchsia feather boa chosen from a huuuuge box of props and costumes ranging from giant sunglasses to a sailor hat. I also had a blast at the Tacocat (best band name ever, in my opinion) concert, rocked out at a failure of a dance circle, looked through all the exhibits (Hardly anyone looks through them during Teen Night Out, so definitely take advantage of this. It’s a great chance to see things up close!), laid in the Italian room, and sat and looked at one spectacular painting of a seascape for quite some time because I rarely get the chance to do that.

It was peaceful and soothing to get away from the noise and know that, if I wanted to, I could go join the revelry. I really was able to examine this paining, and I loved that. That seascape has been my favorite since I was quite little and saw it for the first time, and this was the first time I got to look at it in-depth and see every brushstroke and line.

The sugar bar was a godsend, containing various sodas (I had Izze Blackberry fizzy stuff.), fun-sized candies, and M&Ms. I enjoyed the mapping activity SAM offered, placing a dot where I live on a world map, showing my favorite country, and sharing what home means to me. But my favorite part of the night was painting with Tempura paints on canvas paper on GIANT easels. I painted a set of pictures for my father that showed how no matter what, someone loves you, no matter your label. I just couldn’t get over painting in an ART MUSEUM!!! How cool is that though?! I felt so fancy and professional.

There was smallish attendance at this one, as last time there were a lot more people, but it was still fun. The art was amazing, and the Miro exhibit was incredible. I definitely recommend going to future Teen Night Out events if you want to spend quality time with quality art and cool people, and enjoy fabulous music and the beauty of a Seattle night.

Special hint: If you are going to this kind of thing in downtown Seattle, you want to carpool, have a parent drive, or take the bus. Don’t drive. Parking is horrendous, as I found out! That was the only bad thing of the night though!

Teen Night Out
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