Really Gleaming Moments

Review of Burn by Jenny B.

The Young Americans’ Theatre Company is charming theatre company that is for your youth and made by our youth. Burn, by Deborah Gearing, is a simple story about how what we do to others can make anyone capable of violence.

A town comes together to tell a story about “a boy.” Focusing on relationships and how we affect one another knowingly and unknowingly. Though he used to be a thriving member of this small society you will have to see what makes him just “a boy.”

Overall the set was well placed and well designed to have maximum use of the space. The costumes fit and expressed all the characters. Though there were some rocky moments the cast worked extremely well as an ensemble. Sydney Tucker had a nice solid performance and the scene with birdman was one of the best that I have ever seen youth theatre perform. Birdman showed great empathy and passion, though the show could have been bumped up a few notches if the build-up to his anger was used. It made every moment less meaningful since he was just as angry from beginning to end.

The show had all the classic pop teen characters, so I would have liked to see them expanded a bit more, with the use of moments before and after. The show would have been much better through a use of build, as it was it made the climax lose surprise and meaning.

Over all it was a good show with some really gleaming moments. The theatre had a bustling family feel with the friendliness of staff and patrons. I especially liked the couches that lined the front row. There were a couple things that needed tweaking though overall I would recommend it for teenagers.

Jenny B.
July 30th, 2009

Burn runs through August 9th @ Live Girls! Theater in Ballard. More info here.
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