Rough Eagles @ Intiman TONIGHT!

To Speak of a Dream @ Intiman Theatre

Today's cure for boredom: The Rough Eagles (students from Roosevelt and Cleveland High Schools...get it? Roosevelt Rough Riders and Cleveland Eagles?) present To Speak of a Dream, an original play inspired by Intiman's current production, Abe Lincoln in Illinois.

The show is FREE, open to eveyone, and includes a post-show reception with the cast: Rahel Barnes, Tristan Campbell, Taylor Christensen, Chantel Goodwin, Wesley Nead, Vincent Nguyen and Ariel Torrey.

Also, check the blog next week for Emma M's feature story about the Rough Eagles program.

To Speak of a Dream
TONIGHT, Monday, October 26th
7 pm
Space is limited. RSVP to or by calling the box office at 206.269.1900
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