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​Review of "Northwest Life" at NFFTY by Audrey Cooper

What do superheroes, gifts to homeless people, and poisoned blueberry muffins have in common? These were all subjects of films presented in NFFTY’s “Northwest Life” screening on Sunday. Gothingham by Robert Bojorquez follows the misadventures of Batman and Spiderman in the underwhelming city of Bellingham, Wash. In Change of Heart, filmmaker Owen Craft and his team explore themes of altruism and kindness through a simple story about a boy on a shopping trip. A dark and humorous comedy, MUFFINS by Hadley Hillel tells the story of a baker who fails to successfully execute his duties as a hitman. Many of the films featured in “Northwest Life” possessed a quintessentially Northwestern spirit, and all of the talented filmmakers from this region are worthy of recognition. However, the three documentaries in this set of films deserve special mention.

Then and Now
This film follows the narrative of Eloise and her family in her fight against cancer. Presented by a team of 17-year-old Washington filmmakers (Ana Krafchick, Dayan Flynn Walsh, and Enjuli Chhaniara), “Then and Now” conveys a poignant and authentic description of a young girl’s life. Eloise and her family are strong, and Eloise articulates the ways in which she has refused to be defined by her battle against cancer. This documentary shares an important story from a local family, inspiring and encouraging the audience.

Remember Our Legacies
Legacies LARP is an organization which hosts Live Action Role Playing events in Washington state. Director Baylee Sinner was inspired to make this film about Legacies LARP when she saw less-than-positive coverage of LARP groups on television news. Many people mock these fantasy role-playing groups, but this film shows a more human side of the activity. In “Remember Our Legacies,” participants shared openly about their struggles with social anxiety, and the rich community and friendships which they have formed through LARP.

The Donut Cat
Seattle-native Isaiah Corey directed this documentary about a local couple and their business selling hand-crafted Donut Cat plush toys. “The Donut Cat” displays Thomas Marnin and Skye Saylor’s creativity and passion, as it follows their self-made business (and a spontaneous walking trip down the West Coast). This film captures the crafty, innovative spirit of the Northwest. Local folks can stop by MarninSaylor’s shop at the Pike Place Market to check out the donut cats.

April 24- 27

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