Shows A Lot of Emotions of the Characters

Review of Into the Woods at the 5th Avenue Theatre

Written by Isabel Ixcoy-Osorio during an Arts Criticism workshop at Glacier Middle School


I think that into the wood is a great movie because it shows a lot of emotions of the characters that is I'm so surprising like when the big girl wanted to take write this hurt she started screaming like acting that she was getting so sad about it because it was hers and her grandma did with her and the person the baker's wife cheer cheated on him was so sad the banker never noticed because he never thought that of her wife he thought that he was so incredible. And she cheated with the prince. The prince cheated the princess. The prince never noticed that the princess. I think if the princess noticed she would be so sad. I think if somebody got to be in that place I think that it would be so sad and so sad because it's not good at cheating on another person and I noticed that people are so good at acting because the lights were not on them they didn't move it was like they were freezing.

That sounds of the giant was so good it looks like it was so realistic and when the person said that a person died it was so realistic and they're changing costumes was good too and the cries and the sad and the expressions Was so good it was like it was a real story it came from a real story it was a realistic that I loved it. and I'm imagining it how much time they took to learn how to change how to act and everything and I love the parts when the karma came into the baker's wife because she cheated on him and then the giant step on her and then step on a lot of people a lot of people died and some of them got along in the baby got along too because her mother died the only person of her blood was there was his dad The baker's wife and him were so happy to have a baby and now that the pictures wife is dead the only person is there was his dad and the baby. Imagine how much time they would take to learn everything: how to say what you act, what to do, what to say and everything. Guess how much time it would take us for me would take a look at how long you.

Lead photo: Sarah "SG" Garcia, Cayman Ilika, Eric Ankrim, Porscha Shaw, Yusuf Seevers, Anne Allgood, and Nik Hagen. Photo Credit: Mark Kitaoka

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This review was written as part of an Arts Criticism workshop at Glacier Middle School in Jessica Fishman's 6th Grade Language Arts classes, taught by Press Corps teaching artists Jordi Montes and Jay Chavez.

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