SIFF Review: 500 Days of Summer

A review of (500) Days of Summer
at the Seattle International Film Festival
by Emma K.

One of the gems in this year’s festival is undoubtedly (500) DAYS OF SUMMER. A retake on the classic romantic comedy, the film follows Tom (boy-next-door Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and his relationship with Summer (a radiant Zooey Deschanel). Over the course of 500 days, Tom has his belief in love at first sight taken away, but then returned. To say more would be to ruin the charm, kick, and quirk of this story which is utterly refreshing. First time director Marc Webb gives the film a style all its own, mixing moments of tenderness with those of offbeat humor, all set to a hip soundtrack. Unexpected as they are, these touches complete the film’s unique appeal It’s not your everyday romance, but SUMMER will have all aspiring filmmakers wishing they had thought of it first. Slated to be released nationwide, this delight is a must see.

This film has already played at SIFF
But the festival continues through the weekend
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