Smooth Transition Between English and Spanish

Review of Romeo y Julieta presented by Seattle Shakespeare Company

Written by Ron Nguyen during an Arts Criticism workshop at Glacier Middle School


The play Romeo y Julieta is about two people that are in love with each other. But due to their family, they can not be together.

In the play Romeo y Julieta, I was fond of the smooth transition between English and Spanish. I think this makes the play a lot more interesting. Because without it the play would seem a bit inaccurate because the play is set in a Spanish speaking country. So, with this edition, it makes the play a lot more interesting and the transition from the two languages is also very smooth and consistent. This makes the play a lot more pleasing to watch.

It might be true that the language transition adds more diversity to the play but some of my friends can’t even understand the play when they do that. They said that it breaks the shows because this transition makes the play confusing and hard to enjoy.

Even though the language switching might make the show more confusing and hard to enjoy, it is true if the play was just English, it wouldn't be as accurate, and it would be very lame. It makes it a bit more enjoyable to watch, because the show is one and a half hours long. Might as well just make the time more pleasing.

Lead photo credit: Romeo y Julieta by Seattle Shakespeare Company. Photo by Christian Zumbado.

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This review was written as part of an Arts Criticism workshop at Glacier Middle School in Ms. Havran’s Language Arts classes, taught by Press Corps teaching artist Marquicia Dominguez and Jordi Montes.

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