So long, Pete! Hello, Pete!

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Hello TeenTix community!

As many of you are already aware, TeenTix is in the midst of a huge transition. We are leaving the comfortable nest of Seattle Center (our home since 2004) and striking out to conquer the world as an independent organization. (We're not *literally* leaving Seattle Center--our offices will still be here--but we are no longer a Seattle Center program.) While this change is mostly a really happy and exciting one, there's one part that's not so happy, and that's saying goodbye to someone who has been an integral part of our team for five years: Pete Rush.

Pete has been the the co-manager of the TeenTix program since 2008. His calm creativity, orderly mind, and mad single-digit typing skills have shaped TeenTix enormously, and his commitment to TeenTix's mission of making art accessible for everyone is massive and heartfelt. Everyone who has benefited from TeenTix over the past five years owes a huge debt of gratitude to Pete.

Because Pete is a Seattle Center employee and TeenTix is no longer a Seattle Center program, his time as a staff member is over. But there is a silver lining: Pete will stay close to the program in his role as president of the TeenTix Advisory Board.

Also, here's some Pete trivia you might not know: he is a prolific costume and set designer. If you attend theatre in Seattle, you've probably seen one of Pete's designs (Rapture, Blister, Burn at ACT, RENT at the 5th, Next to Normal at Balagan, and Hamlet at Seattle Shakespeare Company are just a few examples of recent work). So, even though he won't be answering the phone at TeenTix HQ anymore, you can still enjoy Pete's work around town!

Please join us in thanking Pete for his years of service to TeenTix, and for everything he's done to help keep art accessible and affordable for young people in our community. Pete, you rule the school.


Holly and Team TeenTix

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