Swept Away

Review of Travelers: Objects of Dream and Revelation @ Bellevue Arts Museum by Iman B.

Many of us view traveling as going on a vacation somewhere, whether it is the Grand Canyon or Disneyland. However, the Travelers: Objects of Dream and Revelation exhibit will strip away any prior thoughts of what you envision traveling to be. The exhibit does a superb job of living up to its subtitle, "Objects of Dream and Revelation," due to the fact that everything you see seems to have materialized from a dream or fantasy.

Margarita Cabrera: Vocho, 2004

Each artist brings their own unique flair and form to their art as they try to recreate the feel of traveling. However, a common trend between the artists is, no matter how much you try to run away from or ignore your problems, there is no escaping the harsh reality of life. Even as the artists display this harsh reality, they still manage to illustrate how traveling captures one’s imagination.

The works of Walter Martin & Paloma Munoz appear to have come straight out of a children's Christmas book. The use of the delicate and dreamy white color allows the viewer’s imagination to be carried away; yet, with closer examination, the viewer sees the minute reminders of the harsh reality of the world. These works clearly demonstrate the contrast and coexistence of good and evil in life while allowing every individual to come up with their own unique interpretation of what traveling means.

Marc Dombrosky’s piece, "Out Here On The Perimeter There Are No Stars,” is full of childlike scribbles and letters to random musicians, which makes the onlooker reminisce about his or her childhood. However, with every bit of positive reminiscing or splat of childish imagination there seems to be a stark reminder of the brutality of life.

The Travelers exhibit is one that will carry anyone's mind, heart, and soul to another dimension. Throughout the exhibit, the patron will be baffled as they try to understand what the artists were contemplating as they created their pieces of art. This exhibit is a must see by any art appreciator or individual that wants their mind to be swept away into a land of dreams, fantasies, and realities.

Travelers: Objects of Dream and Revelation
Through December 31
Bellevue Arts Museum

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