Tattoo Fury Folk at the Fremont Abbey

Review of Pickle Boy, Brenda Xu, and Esmé Patterson at the Fremont Abbey Arts Center.

Written by Virginia W, during TeenTix's arts criticism training workshop, the Fall 2018 Press Corps Intensive.

Esme By Rachel Winslow

There is a reason teens don’t review grown up music, it makes us sleepy.

The church-like Fremont Abbey was beautiful on Friday, October 12, with its blue and green lighting and soft stained glass windows. Lighting was calming to watch the music. It was peaceful and so quiet.

Overall the music was good and sometimes bad. They worked really hard and tried their best. They are confident and be proud of what they are. The music fun is in their heart and they get to sing whatever they want. Music is fun. They should enjoy it.

Esmé Patterson at the Fremont Abbey Arts Center.

Esmé Patterson is fabulous. Esmé Patterson has fabulous everywhere – her hair, her tattoos, her pants, her attitude, her smile, her guitar, her band, her voice, her lyrics. She is a great singer, super bouncy, and that smile- the joy, it make me so happy inside. She puts her song in her heart and sings it. A hardworking, doing-her-best singer, she is an enthusiastically independent singer with her strong voice. She is a bubbly princess of keys and notes. Her songs are creative. She is super. Esmé's yelling is kind of a thing, an out of control, confident talent. That voice! So strong! I was really happy she sang ‘No River’. Maybe she’d write a song for me? I’d like it to be called ‘Unfortunate Souls’ about how to be human; her stories make me think she could totally pull that off.

I was a little confused though, What kind of music was it? It didn’t sound like folk or country. If I gave it a name I would say her music was tattoo fury folk. I was really happy about the night. I thought maybe she strained her voice in her “Eleanor Rigby” song. Esmé made me feel like she was talking to me. She told me about other bands to check out – but I would say to you what she told me about them, “They were pretty cool, you should check them out!”

This review was written as part of the Fall 2018 Press Corps Intensive. It was edited by teaching artist and music critic Ma'Chell Duma.

The TeenTix Press Corps promotes critical thinking, communication, and information literacy through criticism and journalism practice for teens. For more information about other Press Corps programs including the Teen Editorial Staff or the TeenTix Newsroom, see HERE.

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