Teen Tix Special Event at Children’s Theatre!!

Thursday October 2nd, Seattle Children's Theatre will be hosting a very special Teen Tix Event.

Attend the preview performance of their upcoming show, Night of the Living Dead.

Based on the original film by George Romero and John Russo.

It seems like a night just like any other, but just when Barbara and Johnny thought running out of candy was their biggest problem, a whole new headache rises. That’s right—Zombies! A funny, scary, campy classic especially for teens—or older. Just like the movie, but live, or rather dead, right there in front of you.

The festivities begin at 6pm with food and a reception, followed by a very cool workshop led by a SCT artisan on how to create all those zombie make-up effects. Then at 7pm, everyone will be decked out in blood and gore and ooze on over to the theatre to see the show.

This production is NOT part of the Children's Theatre regular season, so it is not Teen Tix eligible. However, you can experience this phenomenon for FREE on this night only. What a deal!!!!

If you want to attend, please RSVP by October 1st to Jim Jewell
drop an email to jimj@sct.org

Don't miss out.
Put October 2nd on your calendar now and we'll see you at the Zombie Fest!
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