“The place where unicorn and pegasus combine into one.”

Hey, here's a non-standard suggestion for a little late-week/early-weekend entertainment:
Tender Forever & Your Heart Breaks
Thursday, January 12
7-9 pm
Henry Art Gallery Auditorium
Teen Tix $5 at the door

Tender Forever is an “Alien With Extraordinary Abilities” who will entertain you, make you experience feelings about yourself and others, sing to you out loud what you softly think and everlastingly stamp your memory with unforgettable joyful and epic souvenirs. In this new performance, Tender Forever takes us on a musical multimedia journey to explore her own perspectives on the concepts of origin and world citizenship, survival and the abundance of our computerized world through her unique whimsical lens.

Clyde Petersen is a local animator and musician. The longest lasting member of Seattle based band Your Heart Breaks, Clyde uses a loop station to create lush songs about travel, adoration, and outer space. In addition, he is a transgender artist and teacher, creating music videos and short animated films for his company, Do it for the Girls Productions. Your Heart Breaks is queercore & hot makeout parties. The place where unicorn and pegasus combine into one. Corndogs [2 for 99 cents]. Pinata parties. Dancing up front at all-ages shows. Sharing the mic. Monkeys, the squirrels of south america. Squirrels, the monkeys of north america. A severe case of ocean waves.

More info at henryart.org
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