The Process of Discovering Music

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Welcome to the second episode of the TeenTix Arts Podcast (TAP)! Here at TAP, we aim to uplift youth voices and artists in the local music scene through access to education and critical discussion.

In this episode, Triona & Olivia dive deep into the different platforms and ways that teens discover music, and how youth artists get their music discovered. We discuss statistics from a survey conducted by the TAP team. We interview up and coming R&B artist Ivy7 to learn about her challenges and goals as a youth artist and the advice she has for new folks coming into the music industry. We also interview Sharlese, the programming manager from KEXP and the Afternoon Show producer to find out the opportunities the organization has to offer for the youth. Tune in to learn about the different ways music can be found, advice for new artists, and the opportunities that you can be a part of.

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