The Spectacle is Outstanding

Review of Into the Woods at the 5th Avenue Theatre

Written by Raimundo Romero de Jesus during an Arts Criticism workshop at Glacier Middle School


Have you ever gone to a theater and watched Into the Woods? It's a big theater that is really beautiful.

It was big and had a lot of red chairs and people. When we arrived it was cold and the buildings were really cool. When we all walked in the theater it looked really cool when we all sat down the lights went on then they started the show with a song. The props are so cool and the sparkles coming out the ground then the background was so cool the way the led lights were changing to different colors. Another thing that I liked was when they were changing clothes really fast. Also the giant stomps are really loud and funny the way they were screaming and the giant was speaking really loud.

The play was about a wish and the characters were Rapunzel, the Stepsisters, Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, milky white, princess, baker, duck, witch, giant, grandma they were performing at the theater they were trying to find a wish because they thought it was a story but it was real. And the story is about a lot of stories in one movie and the movie is really I recommend it to watch the thing I liked about it was the big stomps and the sparkles

Everyone should see Into the Woods because the spectacle (opsis) is outstanding!

The props and stage set-up were hard to tear my eyes from such as sparkles flying from the floor coming out really high. The actors acted like if it was real magic and they made the show creative and more outstanding. Another piece of evidence was that the smoke was really cool it’s really looked as if we were in the forest and the creativity. based on this evidence I can conclude the sparkles were in timing when the witch made the sparkles went up and it made it more interesting to watch more.

Everyone should see Into the Woods because the actors were really dramatic. In my opinion they were crying, and they were screaming for losing people they love and they were laughing and they were acting really good when they were acting scared and I loved the way they were begging that was really good. For example, the three sisters were laughing at Cinderella and another example when they were crying when the giant killed the baker's wife.

Photo Credit: Anne Allgood, Sarah "SG" Garcia, Cayman Ilika, and Porscha Shaw. Photo Credit: Mark Kitaoka

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This review was written as part of an Arts Criticism workshop at Glacier Middle School in Jessica Fishman's 6th Grade Language Arts classes, taught by Press Corps teaching artists Jordi Montes and Jay Chavez.

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