to the cast and crew of RENT shcool edition, you w…

to the cast and crew of RENT shcool edition, you were all absolutely fabulous. You've raised the bar for summer drama school theater. This one will be very, very hard to top. I was totally impressed by all the kids in this show and the energy everyone of them brought to it. My heart swells with joy to see such wonderful young and talented people put so much effort into creating something that was authentically moving. Unless your veins are filled with ice water, how could you not be moved when seeing all of those young actors on stage singing Seasons of Love with all of their hearts?

Yes, there were a few rough spots. Thank god! Otherwise I would have wondered if these kids were actually human. I think most who saw the show would agree that the stage was filled with talented teens from the lead roles to every member of the ensemble cast. I loved the message machine moms and agent. I loved Maureen's Over the Moon. It was over the top with the TV screens and that girl can sing. Her and Joanne were phenomenal in their duet Take Me Baby. Those two girls have got some pipes. Everyone was terrific. Tom and Angel moved me to laughter and then tears. Mark was well cast and very well played. Just a terrific job by all involved.

I'm surprised by some of the comments left on this page. My feeling from reading them is that someone didn't get selected to be in the show and is very bitter about it. I would be disappointed too if I had not been selected to be a part of this cast and this show. The real reveiws came from the audience. A standing O.
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