today’s blog discovery: Dancing Perfectly Free

Thank you @Americans4Arts for drawing my attention to this cool blog and today's excellent post on TV politico Rachel Maddow's comments on dance and the value of art in American society at the Jacob's Pillow dance festival. Some choice quotes:

"I know nothing about dance. I am a fan. I am a fan of dance and of Jacob’s Pillow and a fan of people who know nothing about dance going to see dance."

Photo by Allison Slater

"Not just in wartime but especially in wartime, and not just in hard economic times but especially in hard economic times, the arts get dismissed as ‘sissy’. Dance gets dismissed as craft, creativity gets dismissed as inessential, to the detriment of our country. And so when we fight for dance, when we buy art that’s made by living American artists, when we say that even when you cut education to the bone, you do not cut arts and music education, because arts and music education IS bone, it is structural, it is essential."

Read the whole post here.
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