totally agree collins has an incredibly soulful vo…

totally agree collins has an incredibly soulful voice,no mention of joanne, maureen or benny????? the telephone bits, especially the MOMs were a riot! i think judging/reviewing any of MTI's jr musicals against the adult versions is ridculous, this was a phenomal cast, with incredible voices and stage presence!!!It's incredible to see summer by summer the growth in returning performers: Matt Lang, Moriel Behar, Jeremy Weizenbaum (Honest Living, Honest Living!!), Hattie Andres,Ella Mora (Wicked Witch of the West!!) and Zane Cimino!!! perhaps SCT's best summer season to date, Hats off to the director,Eric Jensen. then all the new faces, wow!!, Seattle has a deep talent pool, amazing, thanks each and everyone of you ( all the musicans and backstage crew, major kudos) for an incredible evening of theatre!!! SCT what are you going to do to top this next summer?????????????
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