Two and a Half Hours of Irresistible, Tubular Fun

​Review of Kinky Boots at 5th Avenue Theatre by Vivian Lappenbusch

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According to Kinky Boots’ tagline, sometimes the best way to fit in is to stand out. In the case of the production at 5th Avenue Theatre, the musical just stands out — no fitting in required.

If you’re into the musical theater scene, you’ve probably already heard of Kinky Boots. The musical first came onto the scene in a big way in 2012, winning six Tonys — including Best Musical and Best Original Score — and nominated for seven more after that. It even won a Grammy for Cyndi Lauper’s incredible score.

It’s the story of how Charlie Price, the son of a shoe factory owner, learns after his father’s death that the company is just about to go bankrupt unless he makes some drastic changes. Trying to find his niche market, he teams up with a flamboyant drag queen named Lola to start producing what Lola calls “two and a half feet of irresistible, tubular sex” — the kinky boots that give this show its name. Through a whirlwind of assembly line choreography, full-blown drag performances, and slow motion boxing matches, Charlie learns what it really takes to be a man.

Each character is endearing, from Lindsay Nicole Chambers' awkward and quirky love interest Lauren to Steven Booth’s lovable Charlie Price. However, there’s no question that the show is stolen by Kyle Taylor Parker, who’s here in Seattle strutting his stuff as Lola after being an understudy in the original Broadway cast. He never misses a note, which is amazing seeing as how he’s singing and dancing in six-inch heels.

There’s a certain it-factor that a production has to have to make 10 songs about shoes interesting and fun, and Kinky Boots definitely has it. The energy is incredibly high throughout the performance, and leaving this performance less than delighted would be a feat larger than saving the company.

Kinky Boots
5th Avenue Theatre
October 7 - 26

NOTE: Kinky Boots is, unfortunately, NOT TEENTIX ELIGIBLE.

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