Welcome Cornish College of the Arts!

This week we are over the moon to announce that Cornish College of the Arts is our newest participating organization! Why are we so psyched? Because Cornish is like six venues in one: like music? They've got that. Like visual art? They've got that. Theatre? Yep. Multi-Media? Yep. Dance? Yep. Freaky, college-y, performance-arty, weirdness? Yep, yep, yep. They've got ALL that. Here's a sample of what's coming up at Cornish *in the next month alone*:

Live in the Hyphen: An Interdisciplinary Experience
Visual art without media boundaries featuring composer-media-print artist Paul Rucker, and video-performance artist Wynne Greenwood.

Julius Watkins Jazz French Horn Festival
Cornish honors the legacy of Julius Watkins with a day-long festival featuring some of the world's most renowned jazz hornists, including Vincent Chancey, John Clark, Adam Unsworth, and Tom Varner

Trio MFeaturing Berkeley-based pianist Myra Melford with drummer Matt Wilson and bassist Mark Dresser

Unity 1918 This powerful and poetic play, filled with dark comedy and the desperate embrace of life at the edge of death, offers not only an epic chronicle of a chapter of history, but a timely metaphor for our new fears of global pandemic.

There is so much more where that came from, and we are SO excited to take it all in. Aren't you? I know! Here are the details:

Cornish College of the Arts
Performances and exhibitions are held at various venues in downtown Seattle and Capitol Hill
More info and show times: arts.cornish.edu/calendar

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