FREE for TeenTix Members: 14/48 Winter Break Camp

​Seattle Public Theater is offering a camp starring the quickest theater festival in the world! TeenTix members can apply today for a free spot.


Being a TeenTix member has all SORTS of benefits: $5 tickets to the arts, exclusive arts events, snacks, and now this! Seattle Public Theater and 14/48: The World's Quickest Theater Festival are teaming up to bring you this Winter Break Camp. TeenTix members are encouraged to apply here to snag a FREE spot in this camp. Don't wait! Spots are limited, and the camp starts next Monday, February 19th.

Here are the deets:

14/48 Winter Break Camp
February 19- 21, 2018
M - W, 10:00am- 5:00pm
Grades: 7-12

Learn from professionals and collaborate with peers in this fast paced instant theatre festival. The 14/48 Projects is dedicated to building community through radical artistic collaboration. For two days, students work with local professional artists exploring the five core disciplines of 14/48; acting, directing, writing, music, and design. On the final day students will work together to create seven original 10 minute plays written, rehearsed, designed, scored, built and presented in one day. 14/48: Winter Break Camp provides students from all backgrounds the opportunity to come together to create powerful, relevant, student driven works of theater. 14/48 has received the Seattle Mayors Arts Award and a TeenTix Teeny Award (!!!) for student engagement.

TeenTix members, APPLY HERE:

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