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The reviews and interviews on this blog are written by our Teen Press Corps. If you are 13 to 21 years old (yep, you can keep writing reviews even after you age out of Teen Tix), live in the Seattle area, and have an interest in writing about art, we want you! Our reviewers are all volunteers (you can get service learning credit through your school), but they do get free tickets to shows, the occasional free snack, and fame and glory!

Here's how it works:

You send us your name and email address (and sign up for Teen Tix if you haven't already)

We add you to our list of potential reviewers

You attend one of our bi-monthly orientation sessions. The orientation session offers you three things:
1. A chance to learn about how the process of being an assigned a review works, and what is expected of you in terms of completing your assignments
2. A chance to learn the basics of how to write an arts review from a professional art critic
3. A chance to attend a show for free and write a review of it and receive feedback on your review from the aforementioned professional arts critic

Once you've completed an orientation, you can start accepting review assignments. Here's how that works:

Anytime there's an opportunity to review something, you'll get an email detailing the date, time, place, and giving you some info about the show. If it interests you, you volunteer. Reviews are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

You see the art. Anytime you are assigned to review something for us, we will provide you with two free tickets. You may bring whomever you like as your guest.

You write about the art. Reviews are usually due 2-4 days after you see the show. Occasionally, they'll be due sooner than that, but that will be noted in the original email.

We post your review on the blog!

Ready to start reviewing? Send an email to teentix@seattle.gov and we'll get you signed up!
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