YCW Grads: Where Are They Now?

A dispatch from YCW '10 grad, Emma Kelley.

Hello Seattle! Since completing YCW this spring, I’ve landed a disturbing 3,000 miles away from my mother-ship, the Emerald City. Currently, I am a freshman at Smith College in Massachusetts, pursuing a double major in theatre and English. Writing and the arts have always been my drugs of choice, but YCW absolutely solidified my intention to study them here. Getting the chance to write about the arts, with the best mentors ever, and other teenagers who felt the same way I do was truly unique. My critical skills as a reviewer and observer increased ten-fold, and really, how cool was it to schmooze with THE STRANGER’s staff? Also, the benefits of YCW didn’t stop for me in April. This August, I had an article published along with some other YCW grads in THE STRANGER (every hipster’s dream). I fully credit the awesomeness of Teen Tix and Brendan Kiley for the opportunity, and caution future YCW-ers not to doubt the impact of this RADICAL PROGRAM! It’s the perfect way to take advantage of the rich creative environment in Seattle - do it while you can! Because really, Massachusetts is cool and all, but I have yet to find a city with such a vibrant and eccentric creative environment... And thanks to Teen Tix, you can get all this for free in a neat little package with some thoughtfulness and humor on the side.

Young Critics Workshop
a writing seminar for 11th & 12th graders taught by Stranger Theater Editor Brendan Kiley
November - April, 2010 - 2011
Applications due October 15, 2010
More info here.

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