YCW Grads: Where Are They Now?

A dispatch from YCW '10 grad Charlotte Z:

YCW is the only reason I would have put myself through a grueling 1+ hour bus ride after a long day of school from Woodinville to Seattle twice a month. Seeing plays, movies and going to other artsy things is something I truly dig, and YCW was offering all this to me…for free. Oh-ho-ho, I thought to myself, how clever I will be! I will attend this and write some reviews about lovely things and everything will be excellent.

I never actually expected YCW to affect me as much as it did. I think it’s really only possible to find yourself as a writer if you attempt different types of writing. YCW forced me to do that. Additionally, having peers and mentors helps you realize how your writing comes across to others. Brendan and Holly constantly pushed us to develop, to express ourselves in new ways, to find our voices. Our wee trips were also great fun…especially, urm, when I set off the fire alarm at the Seattle Art Museum…but take my advice - try not to do that.

Really, YCW just made me change so much as a person. It made me less hesitant to share my writing. It presented me with a wonderful group of peers (some of whom I’m still in touch with) and the best teachers one could ask for. Going into my second year at my school’s newspaper as Graphics Editor, YCW has given me much more confidence.

Young Critics Workshop
a writing seminar for 11th & 12th graders taught by Stranger Theater Editor Brendan Kiley
November - April, 2010 - 2011
Applications due October 15, 2010
More info here.

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