YCW Grads: Where Are They Now?

For the third installation in our series, Teri Güethner (who will live on forever in YCW history as the girl who wrote, for an assignment, a review of her homecoming date) shares this:

"I am now a freshman at Seattle University, my major is Humanities for Teaching (I want to be a high school math teacher!). One thing I've learned since high school would probably be that it's really important to keep in touch with your old friends and let them know what's happening. You want to take those friendships with you to college so that your social circle keeps growing instead of starting over!

Best of luck to the YCW! I had SO much fun doing it."

The Young Critics Workshop is a 5-month-long critical writing seminar for 11th & 12th graders and college freshmen who are interested in learning about arts criticism and journalism. It's taught by Brendan Kiley, Arts Editor at the Stranger. Applications for this year's workshop are due October 15th. Download more info here. Download the application here. Email questions to teentix@seattle.gov

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