YCW Grads: Where Are They Now?

Ruby Aliment was one of the first graduates of the Young Critics Workshop. Here's what she has to say for herself:

"Writing this gives me an excuse to not study for my logic exam. I love it! I am finishing out the semester at Loyola University Chicago before transferring the University of Puget Sound to finish my sophomore year.

Since graduating high school, I haven't really looked back or thought about it. I suppose I've learned a lot. Like, to stand up for my work, even when it gets me fired from the school paper; listening to my teachers complain about their salary doesn't stop after high school, it gets worse, and that I should never sacrifice my beliefs to please anyone else. Also a tip for those of you that think your school paper's editor is really awesome and chill: Don't date him/her. It won't end well.

Overall, the Young Critics Workshop was awesome. It looks great on resumes and college applications. Plus it's free and anything free is worth doing at least once. Regardless of where you want to go or where you go to school, The Stranger is very well-known, so being able to say you took a class with the Performance Editor gives you major credibility. A Stranger-related tip: If you didn't do the reading for your gender studies class, raise your hand and mention Dan Savage. Professors love it."

The Young Critics Workshop is a 5-month-long critical writing seminar for 11th & 12th graders and college freshmen who are interested in learning about arts criticism and journalism. It's taught by Brendan Kiley, Arts Editor at the Stranger. Applications for this year's workshop are due October 15th. Download more info here. Download the application here. Email questions to teentix@seattle.gov
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