You can tell he likes rats

Review of Peter Pan by Paulina P., age 17

“You can tell he likes rats,” whispered the young girl, sitting on her mother’s lap to my left. That comment made me smile and realize how good an introduction to theater this piece is. It has a familiar story with elements that are unique to the theater and this production. There were no flying teenagers or elaborate Victoria interiors but adapter and director Joy Marzec succeeded in giving the audience a refreshingly new twist on this story.

Great Bloor as Wendy and James Grixoni-Lewis as Peter. Photo byErik Stuhaug.

Culture’s classic youthful boy was a powerful mix of confused angsty teenager but happy and carefree child. The theme that Pan is both a child and a teenager was the point of this Pan. He wants to be a child but at the same time, he has the power of one much older and the passion of one whom the world mistreated. For those who wanted to see the angst in Pan it was there, but it could be easily overlooked. That darkness was a real contrast to the general view of Pan as a happy innocent child with no real malice and it just added an extra layer to this classic tale.

The production itself had some other quirks that I noticed. The choice to have all of the actors use British accents was a bit too much. When the actor had a handle on a plain accent, it was fine but some of the younger actors made it sound fake and screechy. Wendy was the biggest culprit; her accent made her voice sound higher than it was and aged her even before her character narrated herself into motherhood. The rest of the narration asides were entertaining but a little overused, but they made up for it with some fantastic lighting tricks for the wonderfully single-minded Tinkerbell and the best flight to Neverland I’d ever seen.

Paulina P.
November 29th, 2007

Peter Pan
Book-It Repertory Theatre
Through December 23rd

More info and show times:
Book-It’s Ticket Office: 206-216-0833
Ticket Office Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 1:00 p.m. – show time

This show is recommended for people ages 7 and up.

Book-It Repertory Theatre is located in the Center House Theatre at Seattle Center. It is served by buses 3,4,5,8,16,19,24,74 and 82. For bus times:

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