Did you know that this region has a new and exciting online networking site for youth?

Introducing Puget Sound Off!!

Your one stop shopping site for social networking, calendar of events, music, videos, photos, blogs, reviews, and social activism.

This new site is super cool, and will allow you to find out what is going on, post comments, links, take part in polls, learn about events happening in your world, and generally keep up with the youth buzz in the Puget Sound region.

Log on today, and create a member profile. Its free. Then join the Teen Tix group to stay posted on special events and news from the Teen Tix homefront.

You gotta check this out. I mean, like, now. Do it! Log in right this minute!!

So long MySpace. This site is now where it's at!!
Visit the link below and become one of the many youth catching the wave. . . .
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