2014 Parent Survey: Results and Answers


Thank you to all of the TeenTix parents who took the time to complete our first-ever parent survey! Your answers have already helped us make the program better for you and your kids.

Today I wanted to share some of the results of the survey, share some of your comments, and answer some questions that came up a lot. Of course, if you have any questions or thoughts about to improve TeenTix, I would love to hear from you. My email address is holly@teentix.org and my phone number is 206.233.3938. Thank you for being a part of the TeenTix community and for all that you do to support your children's art explorations!

Holly Arsenault
Executive Director


Who in your family first learned about TeenTix?

How did you first learn about TeenTix?

When your children use their TeenTix passes, how often do you accompany them?

"One of the beautiful things about the program is that it is an excellent way for teens to increase their independence in a safe and positive way."

When you accompany your children, do you usually...

62% of TeenTix parents attend arts events with their teens, and 25% of those buy advance tickets.

How often did your child attend the arts before joining TeenTix vs. How often does your child attend the arts now?

"Not only does my sophomore go out to see theatre productions on a regular basis, she brings her friends that she's introduced TeenTix to, and she attends other types of performances as well."

What would you say are the main barriers preventing your children from attending the arts more often than they currently do?

(top answers in bold)

  • They don't have enough time
  • They don't have their own transportation/transportation options are inadequate
  • They're just not that interested in the arts in general
  • They could be interested in the arts, but the programming at TeenTix partner organizations does not appeal to them
  • Their friends don't share their interest in the arts (or they think they don't)
  • They feel intimidated about attending arts venues/they worry that they will feel out of place or not know what to do
  • They are confused about how TeenTix works or worried that it won't work
  • They don't have access to information about what arts events are available to them
  • Even with TeenTix, arts attendance is too expensive
  • I don't know

NOTE: Many parents also commented that the proximity of arts venues (or TeenTix partner venues specifically) to where they live is a barrier.


  • In the "How else do you engage with TeenTix?" section, some parents commented that they were not aware of TeenTix's facebook and twitter. Here they are for your liking and following: Facebook: www.facebook.com/theteentixpage Twitter: www.twitter.com/teentix
  • Only 62% of parents said they they "know exactly how TeenTix works". If you are among the unsure and you'd like to know more, please consult the How to TeenTix section of our website. Of course, we are always more than happy to answer any questions you might have via email or phone: 206.233.3959.
  • 20% of parents said that they are not sure where to find information about TeenTix-eligible events. You can always find a full listing of every TeenTix eligible event on the TeenTix calendar.
  • 23% of parents said they are not sure where to find information about content and age appropriateness of TeenTix-eligible events. You can always find this info in the sidebar of the event's calendar listing. We also list age recommendations for events in the newsletter when that information is provided to us by our partners.
  • 12% of parents said they feel that TeenTix promotes events that are not age appropriate for their children and that this is a concern. We want you to know that we take your concerns seriously, and we are glad that you're engaged with helping your children select appropriate events. It's important to remember that TeenTix serves a wide range of ages--13 to 19--and an even wider range of tastes and preferences when it comes to art. Our policy is to provide as much information as we possibly can about content and age appropriateness, but leave it up to teens and parents to make their own decisions about what is right for them. We do our best in each week's newsletter to feature something for everyone, but do remember that, with 53 partners, there is a lot of programming that doesn't make it into the newsletter. If you feel that there is nothing in the newsletter that suits your needs, we encourage you to check out the calendar for a more comprehensive listing.


  • 10% of parents answered that TeenTix is a municipal program funded by the City of Seattle (another 60% answered that they were "unsure" on this question). 57% answered that TeenTix is a private non-profit organization funded by donations. Actually, both answers have truth in them. Since 2004, TeenTix has a program of Seattle Center, which is, in turn, a department of the City of Seattle--so, a city-funded program. However, in 2013 we began a transition out of the city and into an independent organization. This year, TeenTix is not receiving cash support through Seattle Center (though Seattle Center is continuing to provide a great deal of in-kind support). TeenTix does receive funds through the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture's Community Partners program. So, both answers are correct, however, this year about 60% of our budget will be made of of contributions from families--like yours--that use TeenTix. If you'd like to make a contribution to TeenTix, follow this link.
  • 60% were not sure whether or not TeenTix receives revenue from the ticket sales we facilitate. The answer is no, we don't. That money goes straight to our partner organizations to help them continue to create great art!


You said:

  • Have more partner organizations outside of Seattle. This was one of the most common suggestions throughout the survey, and we hear you loud and clear. It's obvious that there is a strong demand for more TeenTix partner organizations throughout the region, as many of our members live outside of Seattle and even outside of King County and we are working on it. One thing you can do to help: If there is an arts organization near you that you wish would participate in TeenTix, please tell them! It is much easier for us to get organizations to join when they feel that there is demand in their own community.
  • Let teens buy or reserve tickets in advance. Again, we hear you. We know how difficult it can be to make plans in advance when ticket availability is not guaranteed, especially if you live out of town. However, it's important to remember that five dollars represents a fraction of the usual ticket cost at most TeenTix partner organizations. Every TeenTix partner is a non-profit, and these organizations rely on ticket sales in order to survive. They are only able to offer TeenTix for $5 because the tickets are day-of only, and therefore don't represent a risk to advance ticket revenue. However, most TeenTix partner organizations offer greatly reduced student ticket rates that are available in advance. One of our goals for this year is to include more information about youth and student discount pricing in our calendar, so that you can be more aware of what discounts are available to your teens in advance of day-of.
  • Have more 2 for $10 days and discounts for parents. This was another one we saw frequently in survey responses. No promises, but we hear you and we will continue to work with our partners to think about creative ways to address the specific needs of parents who wish to attend the arts with their children.
  • More outreach and marketing! Let the schools know! We are with you. Trust us, nobody wants more teens to know about TeenTix more than we do. Soon we will launch our largest marketing effort in several years, so hopefully you'll start seeing TeenTix posters popping up at the children's schools. But here, again, is an opportunity for parents to help out. On-the-ground outreach is both the most effective way to spread the word about the program, and the most expensive in terms of staff time. Did you know that the entire TeenTix program is run by just one-and-a-half full-time employees and a handful of volunteers? We need you, parents who already know and love the program, to help spread the word. Talk to your PTAs, talk to your kids' teachers, talk to other parents. Our parent ambassadors are a hugely important part of our efforts.


"I really love what you're doing. The Arts are critical to developing young minds and creating life-long arts patrons. As a past resident of Capitol Hill in my 20's, I experienced a lot of art and music through Cornish and surrounding arts venues. I want my children to also be exposed but feel a little out of the loop since I've been gone from the scene for 20 years. Teen Tix is helping me feel more in touch"

"We are a very low-income family and went to events only when we could afford them at TeenTix prices. Also, we liked that there was a very diverse mix of events to choose from. Keep up the good work!"

"You guys are making a huge impact in the lives of teens, creating opportunity and exposure to the arts!"

Was your question or comment not addressed and you'd like to be? Let us know!

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